LOLcats Take Over the Internet: Top 20 Memes of the Week

LOLcats Take Over the Internet: Top 20 Memes of the Week

If you’re a cat lover or just enjoy a good laugh, you’re in luck! This week’s top 20 cat memes have taken over the internet, bringing joy and hilarity to millions. From adorable kittens to sassy felines, these memes showcase the best of feline humor.

At number 20, we have a meme featuring a cat giving a sarcastic look, captioned “When you finally get the joke.” Number 19 shows a cat trying to catch a laser pointer, with the caption “The eternal struggle.” Up next at number 18, a cat is seen lounging in a sunbeam, accompanied by the phrase “Lazy Sunday vibes.”

Number 17 boasts a cat peeking around a corner, captioned “When you’re trying to sneak up on someone but they already know you’re there.” At number 16, a mischievous cat is caught red-handed, or rather paw-ded, stealing food from the counter. The caption reads, “Guilty.”

In the top 15, a group of cats play a game of musical chairs, while a curious kitten watches from afar. The caption jokes, “Cat edition: when you finally find a chair that doesn’t belong to you.” Number 14 features a cat taking a dip in a bathtub, paired with the phrase “Bubble bath? More like bubble purr-fect.”

At number 13, a cat sports a pair of sunglasses, looking cool and collected. The caption states, “When you’re trying to act casual but really you’re just waiting for treats.” Next up, number 12 showcases a cat attempting to catch a fish in a bowl, captioned “The never-ending quest for dinner.”

In the eleventh spot, a cat takes a break from napping to give a quick high-five. The caption reads, “Nap time = me time + snuggle time.” At number ten, a trio of kittens play tug-of-war with a ball of yarn, prompting the caption, “Kitten Olympics: event 3 – yarn wrestling.”

Coming in at number nine, a cat gives a dramatic pose, captioned “Drama queen alert!” While at number eight, a cat gets caught in a compromising position, with the caption “When you realize you’ve been sleeping in a weird position for hours.”

Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one… Blast off! That’s right, number seven features a cat donning a space suit, ready for liftoff. The caption jokes, “Meow-niversal Studios presents: ‘Cats in Space'” Number six depicts a cat riding a Roomba, captioned “The ultimate ride.”

In the fifth spot, a cat plays dress-up in a superhero costume, complete with a cape. The caption exclaims, “Feline justice league assemble!” Number four introduces us to a cat who’s mastered the art of chill, lounging on a bean bag chair. The caption states, “Zen mode activated.”

At number three, a cat attempts to imitate a giraffe, stretching its neck to reach leaves on a tall plant. The caption cracks, “Giraffe-cat hybrid spotted in the wild.” In second place, a cat proudly displays its catch – a mouse – to its human companion. The caption reads, “Huntress extraordinaire.”

And last but certainly not least, coming in at number one, a cat commands attention with an adorable mew. The caption simply says, “Attention please.”

These irresistible memes prove why cats rule the internet. Which one made you LOL the most? Share your favorite in the comments below!

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